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The R&D design team communicates with customers to discuss jewelry development details | 20 years experience in jewelry design and production

The R&D design team communicates with customers to discuss jewelry development details

Research and Design Consulting Services

Your Exclusive Jewelry Brand - Dedicated Research and Design Consulting

Looking to create unique jewelry for your brand? HUNGKUANG is your solution!
At HUNGKUANG, we are dedicated to the product development and design of jewelry and fashion accessories, ensuring that our designs meet customer specifications while focusing on the comfort of wearing and stability of the production process.
From retail to manufacturing supplier, our chairman has been in the jewelry and accessories industry for over 20 years. With extensive market experience and design production expertise, we effectively support each of our client partners. In addition, our roots in retail allow us to empathize with our customers and offer customized solutions that perfectly fit your brand.

If, like us, you strive for superior product value and unique jewelry, let HUNGKUANG help you grow your brand and become your long-term partner!

HUNGKUANG is not just any supplier; we don't just produce to order. We stand as consultants, offering the most appropriate advice and designs that best suit the wearers of your brand.

Step 1. Understand the development and design needs of your brand

Whether you need to develop and design any kind of jewelry, we actively collect comprehensive information from you and hope you can provide HUNGKUANG with the most complete information possible, such as: materials, electroplating, specification details, reference images, cost budget, estimated order quantity, expected launch timing, target markets, etc. This will help in the design evaluation and recommendations, and enhance the completeness and efficiency of the development project.

Step 2. Design and Manufacturing Evaluation and Recommendations

After compiling your requirements, our sales team works closely with the design and production team to thoroughly evaluate and provide detailed suggestions for optimizing your designs, such as material selection, width, thickness, and surface treatment methods. Leveraging HUNGKUANG's extensive experience in development, design and production, we help you improve your development efficiency, reduce development costs, ensure wearing comfort and minimize after-sales problems.

Step 3. Sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA)

Business ethics and integrity are principles that HUNGKUANG has always upheld. We understand that these are fundamental to any relationship, and we are committed to delivering on our promises.

Step 4. Confirming the direction of the product design

After submitting our design proposal, HUNGKUANG will confirm the design direction with the customer. With complete information, we proceed to estimate the product cost and evaluate the mold development cost.

Step 5. Mold Development Fee Collection

We charge a one-time mold development fee, which includes the cost of mold development, design and other related expenses. The amount depends on the complexity and difficulty of the design and production. If the design requires special manufacturing methods, additional costs will be charged separately, such as steel mold opening, CNC machining, stamping, etc.If your brand becomes a long-term partner in the future, no mold development fee will be charged for new product development unless special manufacturing methods incur additional costs.

Step 6. Product Design Initiation and Design Approval

Upon receipt of the tooling development fee, we will begin the 3D design process. Throughout the design phase, we will stay in close contact with you, providing updates and making adjustments as needed. Finally, we will confirm all details and dimensions with you.

Step 7.Quotation and Deposit Collection

Once the final design meets your brand's requirements, we will provide an actual quote based on the final product design and needs. If you accept the quotation, we will collect a 50% deposit of the sample fee and begin mold production to prepare for prototyping.

Step 8. Sample Production (Optional)

The sample production time is approximately 25-35 days, depending on the material requirements. If you feel that the design lacks a sense of reality, or if you want to test the strength or actual requirements, HUNGKUANG recommends that you consider a prototype.If you only want to see the approximate finished surface effect, HUNGKUANG can use software to present the final actual product effect for your review, saving you prototyping time!If you only need to confirm the dimensions and proportions of the finished product, HUNGKUANG can use 3D printing for your review, and the 3D printed sample can be sent to you within one day.

Step 9. Collection of balance and shipping charges

We will photograph the finished products and share the images with you so that you can preview the actual items. Upon receipt of the balance and shipping fees, we will immediately ship the goods to you.

Step 10. Sample Design and Detail Confirmation

After receiving the sample, we will confirm with you to ensure that the product details and design meet your brand's requirements. Leveraging HUNGKUANG's years of experience, we will provide feedback and suggestions on the design and production craftsmanship. If adjustments are needed, we will help optimize the design and production processes.

Step 11. Mass Production of Bulk Orders

Once the product design is confirmed to be accurate, we will begin preparations for mass production of the order. All the details are managed by the sales team, while the production quality control is supervised by the production manager. The minimum order quantity (MOQ) is 50 pieces per style and size. Special production methods or other requirements such as steel mold opening, CNC machining, stamping, etc. will be evaluated based on actual needs and production conditions.

Step 12. Product Quality Control and Packaging

HUNGKUANG adopts a two-tier quality control system to maintain high standards from the beginning to the end of production, a principle we have always upheld. As a result, the return rate of products shipped from HUNGKUANG is almost 0%. If your brand has specific packaging requirements during quality control, we will accommodate those needs. We even tailor our packaging suggestions closely to your sales model, ensuring that your jewelry stays shiny and you can focus on selling.

Step 13. Boxing and Shipping

HUNGKUANG treats all customers' products as its own and uses multi-layer protective packaging to prevent damage from compression and wear during transportation. This ensures that customers receive their products intact, a detail for which HUNGKUANG has always been highly appreciated by its customers.

Just to let you know what high-quality service and high-quality products are!

Research and Design Consulting Services | Taiwan Wholesale Silver Jewelry Manufacturer | HUNGKUANG

Based in Taiwan since 2000, HUNGKUANG Jewelry CO., Ltd. has been a wholesale manufacturer of silver jewelry and rings. Their main jewelry collections include, friendship bracelets, men's rings, women's rings, silver rings, personalized bracelets, couple's rings, sterling silver rings for men and women, championship rings and chains, signet rings, pendants, necklaces and pendants for women and pet jewelry, which can be customized to a full range of jewelry and silver jewelry products with the latest jewelry manufacturing technology.

HUNGKUANG with more than 20 years of in jewelry design and production experience, specialized in Packaging design, jewelry peripheral integration. One-stop service, vacuum packaging service for sterling silver jewelry. HUNGKUANG offers customers with innovative and integrated solutions with its rich experience in R&D and design, skilled production technology, and forward-looking vision. HUNGKUANG embraces the spirit of adventure, embraces the challenge of craftsmanship details, has the courage to break through the status quo, and leads customers forward with visionary thinking.

HUNGKUANG has been offering customers bulk and wholesale rings and pendants, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, HUNGKUANG ensures that each customer's requirements are met.