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Let us answer your questions!

Q:want to order silver jewelry, how can I do it?
A:Contact Hungkuang! Hungkuang will assist you with 100% profession.

Q:Can any material be made?
A:Hongguang provides gold, K gold , 925 sterling silver, 316 stainless steel, alloy…
Any material is welcome to consult Hongguang for discussion.

Q:What is the minimum order quantity for silver jewelry? Can you do 1 piece too?
A:Customized silver jewelry, the minimum quantity to make any design will need at least 30 pieces.

Q:How many times can I make changes in the process of designing and jewelry drawing ?
A:As long as it has not yet entered the production process of the jewelry, Hungkuang will strive to meet your needs of the product development.

Q: After the production is confirmed, how long does it take to receive my customized silver jewelry?
A: Hungkuang has a rapid product development process. For the first time of the jewelry production, it only takes 30 days to complete the whole process.

Q:What payment and shipping methods can I choose?
A:Payment ‒ T/T、Paypal、Alibaba Trade Assurance
A: Send ‒ FedEx、UPS、DHL、EMS…

Q:What should I do if I have any questions after receiving the customized jewelry?
A:The quality yield rate of Hungkuang's jewelry is higher than other jewelry suppliers. It is the responsibility of Hungkuang to do a good job in quality control.
If you have any questions about silver jewelry, you are very welcome to contact Hungkuang.

Q&A | Taiwan-Based Jewelry Wholesale Supplier & Manufacturer | HUNGKUANG Jewelry CO., Ltd.

Based in Taiwan since 2000, HUNGKUANG Jewelry CO., Ltd. has been a Jewelry wholesale supplier and manufacturer. Their main jewelry, including bracelets, rings , couple rings, pendants, vulcanized pendants, name bracelets, name rings, which can be customized.

HUNGKUANG provides customers with innovative and integrated solutions with its rich experience in R&D and design, skilled production technology, and forward-looking vision. HUNGKUANG holds the spirit of adventure, faces the challenges of craftsmanship details, has the courage to break through the status quo, and leads customers forward with visionary thinking.

HUNGKUANG has been offering customers wholesale rings and pendants, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, HUNGKUANG ensures each customer's demands are met.