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HungKuang Jewelry Company has a strong team. | 20 years experience in jewelry design and production

HungKuang Jewelry Company has a strong team.

About HungKuang

Hungkuang like to help customers to transform their ideas into amazing products.

Hungkuang Accessories was founded in 2000 AD, plus Hungkuang has more than 20 years of excellent craftsman skill, as a professional jewelry design supplier/manufacturer in Taiwan that Hungkuang has created up to 1800 designs every year.
From mass market-oriented accessories to fine jewelry for high-end customers, Hungkuang offers a full range of jewelry and silver jewelry products.
No matter how complicated the customer's request is, Hungkuang has professional jewelry consultants, designers and a skilled production team that can help and meet your needs, then produce the highest quality jewelry with the latest jewelry manufacturing technology.

Let’s start from here and build awesome products for your brand with the latest technology with Hungkuang, who can consistently meet your demands and standards.

Assist over 900 silver jewelry brands in 20 years

Over the past 20 years, Hungkuang has assisted and cooperated over 900 brands to produce countless hot sale silver, or any kind of jewelry. Together we have created a win-win situation.
Over the past 20 years, with the efforts of a professional design team, and obtained a number of patents, Hungkuang has developed and created 30,000 jewelry styles, which are highly favored by the market and sold in more than 20 countries.

Jewelry Professional Design Service Future
20 years of experience has become one of the important cores of Hungkuang!
Feel free to leave your questions to Hungkuang
Let Hungkuang work with you to take a big step forward in the future
To be the top in the world of jewelry.

Customer satisfaction rate 95%

In addition to being professional, Hungkuang jewelry always put ourselves into customers’shoes when giving the opinions or producing the jewelry.
In jewelry design, customers may be worried about having a poor communication with the supplier, or the final products are so different from their expectation. However, this will not be something you need to worry about when cooperate with Hungkuang. Hungkuang has a customer-oriented culture, and always regards itself as the role of customers. Therefore, we have a 98% design success rate, 99% production yield and wearing comfort, and even the durability of Hungkuang’s metal jewelry is more than 5 years on average. Because of the corporate culture of Hungkuang and the fact that we have been a supplier on Alibaba International Station for many years, we have surpassed 90% of peer who are also accessories suppliers.

Give you 100% value

If you compare the price of goods, Hungkuang will not be the lowest; but Hungkuang can give you the quality of the jewelry and awesome service more than 100%.
It is the main mission of all members of Hungkuang, who dedicated to make the best quality of your customized product. Hungkuang believes that the key for customers to be invincible in the jewelry market is the ‘quality’ of the products. We have assisted each customer to make customized products and wholesale products well. Hungkuang care about each details from the very beginning when communicate with customers until the end of the production, and help you to present your brand ideas in detail through the products. Hungkuang treat every customer with respect and kindness, whether you are a large brand wholesaler or a new start-up business with no resources. No matter your order is tens of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars, Hungkuang will treat customers' "creative ideas" into "extreme" textures equally, regardless of the order. The size of the price. Hungkuang try to make each piece of Hungkuang’ s customized jewelry to be fantastic because of the professional skill and exquisite high quality. Hoping to be the pride of every customer of the world.

Each ability level
  • Supply capacity ++++++
  • Supply stability ++++++
  • Supply speed ++++++

If you also think you deserve better!Please find HungKuang quickly.

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About HungKuang | Taiwan Wholesale Silver Jewelry Manufacturer | HUNGKUANG

Based in Taiwan since 2000, HUNGKUANG Jewelry CO., Ltd. has been a wholesale manufacturer of silver jewelry and rings. Their main jewelry collections include, friendship bracelets, men's rings, women's rings, silver rings, personalized bracelets, couple's rings, sterling silver rings for men and women, championship rings and chains, signet rings, pendants, necklaces and pendants for women and pet jewelry, which can be customized to a full range of jewelry and silver jewelry products with the latest jewelry manufacturing technology.

HUNGKUANG with more than 20 years of in jewelry design and production experience, specialized in Packaging design, jewelry peripheral integration. One-stop service, vacuum packaging service for sterling silver jewelry. HUNGKUANG offers customers with innovative and integrated solutions with its rich experience in R&D and design, skilled production technology, and forward-looking vision. HUNGKUANG embraces the spirit of adventure, embraces the challenge of craftsmanship details, has the courage to break through the status quo, and leads customers forward with visionary thinking.

HUNGKUANG has been offering customers bulk and wholesale rings and pendants, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, HUNGKUANG ensures that each customer's requirements are met.