2022 Taiwan Cross-border E-commerce Master | Taiwan Wholesale Silver Jewelry Manufacturer | HUNGKUANG

2022 Winner of Taiwan Cross-border E-commerce Talent | 20 years experience in jewelry design and production

2022 Winner of Taiwan Cross-border E-commerce Talent

2022 Taiwan Cross-border E-commerce Master

01 Apr, 2022 HUNGKUANG

Hungkuang opened the foreign trade market in 2021, starting from the Alibaba platform, our high professionalism, high quality and after-sales service,let us achieve good results in less than a year. Hungkuand became a 3-star supplier on the platform, beating the other 75% suppliers.

All the way from the countless participating companies to the top 30, and then from the top 30 to the top 16. Relying on Hungkuang’s outstanding performance, smart operational thinking and excellent presentation ability grew in one year, just like a black horse, Hungkuang advanced to the top 16.

We shared Hungkuang’s operational experience and how Hungkuang built our position on the e-commerce platform In front of 100+ people , once again Hungkuang demonstrated the excellent results of how we transition from complete domestic sales to export sales in a short period of time!

HungKuang Jewelry Electronic Catalog

This is the HungKuang electronic catalog with many different types of jewelry.

2022 Taiwan Cross-border E-commerce Master | Wholesale Bracelet & Necklace Jewelry Manufacturer | HUNGKUANG

Based in Taiwan since 2000, HUNGKUANG Jewelry CO., Ltd. has been a wholesale manufacturer of silver jewelry and rings. Their main jewelry collections include, friendship bracelets, men's rings, women's rings, silver rings, personalized bracelets, couple's rings, sterling silver rings for men and women, championship rings and chains, signet rings, pendants, necklaces and pendants for women and pet jewelry, which can be customized to a full range of jewelry and silver jewelry products with the latest jewelry manufacturing technology.

HUNGKUANG with more than 20 years of in jewelry design and production experience, specialized in Packaging design, jewelry peripheral integration. One-stop service, vacuum packaging service for sterling silver jewelry. HUNGKUANG offers customers with innovative and integrated solutions with its rich experience in R&D and design, skilled production technology, and forward-looking vision. HUNGKUANG embraces the spirit of adventure, embraces the challenge of craftsmanship details, has the courage to break through the status quo, and leads customers forward with visionary thinking.

HUNGKUANG has been offering customers bulk and wholesale rings and pendants, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, HUNGKUANG ensures that each customer's requirements are met.