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Couple and Love Silver Jewelry - Professional jewelry rings design, high-quality, LOW MOQ and better service.

Couple and Love Silver Jewelry

Over 20 years ago, when HUNG KUANG entered the jewelry industry, it started with designing couple rings...

Oriental Culture Series - Use professional three-dimensional relief casting technology to create boutique-level meticulous and extraordinary quality for your customized products

Oriental Culture Series

The culture of any nation begins with the written word. HUNGKUANG Jewelry, rooted in design and development...

Men's Personality Series - The development of a men's brand is greatly influenced by the choice of accessories. Quality jewelry accessories can elevate a men's brand. HUNGKUANG Jewelry specializes in developing men's accessories and offers a wide range of customized options for men's jewelry brands worldwide. No matter what style or tone you're aiming for, HUNGKUANG Jewelry can tailor different styles of men's accessories to suit your customer base. This ensures that jewelry isn't designed exclusively for female consumers, and allows fashion-forward men to express their individual style.

Men's Personality Series

With over 20 years of experience in the jewelry industry, silver jewelry design and production, we not only...

Western Culture Series - Professional 3D stereoscopic vision technology, let the jewelry present a three-dimensional image, as if wearing a real portrait on the body.

Western Culture Series

HUNGKUANG has 20+ years of experience in the jewelry industry, specifically in silver jewelry design...

Customized Champion Jewelry - Professional Champion Jewelry Ring Design, High Quality, Low MOQ and Best Service

Customized Champion Jewelry

In European and American markets, many sport teams will make championship rings to commemorate the victory...

Customized name jewelry - Professional customized Name Rings & Bracelets, High Quality, Low MOQ and Best Service.

Customized name jewelry

Name necklaces are popular in European and American markets. Hungkuang has 20 years’ experience in jewelry...

Custom Sea Animal Jewelry - Professional sea animal jewelry design, good design and high quality, low MOQ and best service.

Custom Sea Animal Jewelry

In these years,the upsurge of water sports makes more people fall in love with the ocean , and yearn...

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Custom Jewelry | Wholesale Jewelry Manufacturer | HUNGKUANG

Based in Taiwan since 2000, HUNGKUANG Jewelry CO., Ltd. has been a wholesale manufacturer of silver jewelry and rings. Their main jewelry collections include, friendship bracelets, men's rings, women's rings, silver rings, personalized bracelets, couple's rings, sterling silver rings for men and women, championship rings and chains, signet rings, pendants, necklaces and pendants for women and pet jewelry, which can be customized to a full range of jewelry and silver jewelry products with the latest jewelry manufacturing technology.

HUNGKUANG with more than 20 years of in jewelry design and production experience, specialized in Packaging design, jewelry peripheral integration. One-stop service, vacuum packaging service for sterling silver jewelry. HUNGKUANG offers customers with innovative and integrated solutions with its rich experience in R&D and design, skilled production technology, and forward-looking vision. HUNGKUANG embraces the spirit of adventure, embraces the challenge of craftsmanship details, has the courage to break through the status quo, and leads customers forward with visionary thinking.

HUNGKUANG has been offering customers bulk and wholesale rings and pendants, both with advanced technology and 15 years of experience, HUNGKUANG ensures that each customer's requirements are met.